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Working Voltage220V220V380V 
Load Current10A16A16A
Installation methodguideguideguide

Wiring Method

1. Direct control mode wiring:

The controlled appliance is single-phase power supply, and the power consumption does not exceed the rated capacity of the switch (resistive load 10A, inductive load 5A can be directly controlled, the wiring method is shown in Figure 1.)
2. Single-phase expansion mode wiring
The controlled appliance is single-phase power supply, but the power consumption exceeds the rated capacity of the switch, then an AC contactor with a capacity exceeding the power consumption of the appliance is needed to expand. The wiring is shown in Figure 2.
3. Wiring of three-phase working mode
The controlled appliance is a three-phase power supply and requires an external three-phase AC contactor.
The wiring diagram of the control contactor is AC220V, 50Hz wiring as shown in Figure 3.

Package Inlcudes:

1 x Automatic Water Level Controller 

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