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Handle Style:Straight
Type:Decrustation Pliers
1. The wire twisting tool can twist and wrap the wire at the same time, which can help increase productivity and prevent finger soreness and hand rubs.
2. Made of high-quality precision steel, excellent performance and durable.
3. Wire connector tools can be used not only with electric drills, but also manually.
4. Use: Prepare the hand drill and connect the pad to the hand drill, insert the three strands of parallel thread respectively, fix the tail end with a vise, install the threader and vise as much as possible, and clamp the three wires. If it is not clamped, it will affect the connection. Start the drill and start the drill and slowly rotate the aligner. During the rotation, the aligner should be firmly pressed in the direction of the vise. When the winding is complete, the aligner can be released and the threads removed.
5. Manual Parallel: Measure the length of the strip to be stripped, place a large number of wires into the corresponding holes, clamp them with a vise, press the parallel machine in the direction of the arrow, rotate and parallel, and complete in parallel.
6. Tip: The pliers clamp the wires, the wires need to be parallel to a row, and the clamps are pressed tightly into close contact with the parallelizer.
7. Size: about 12x8x2.5 cm

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